Simon Hares, A Sales Trainer Who Sells

Simon Hare, A Sales Trainer Who Sells joins me on the Sales Made Easy podcast to talk all about sales and selling. We cover quite a bit in this fast moving conversation. Authenticity, storytelling, utilizing video for relatability, being assertive versus being arrogant and more. Simon brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his clients and happily shares some of that wealth with us.

For more about Simon Hares:

“With over 30 years in sales and management Simon Hares has worked with thousands of people to help them develop brilliant skills. SerialTrainer7 is the company that Simon has built over the last 8 years and he specifically focuses on Sales Development.  Bring training courses and coaching in person and in the virtual space it is Simon’s mission to get people there faster and leave them there better.”

07979 537824

simon@serialtrainer7.comSimon Hares