Sales Coaching

Selling can be very natural, but we still need to be trained. There is competition and nuances that the untrained typically don’t know how to handle. How does one differentiate themselves? Some say things like we are #1 or we are truly dedicated to your success. Well, doesn’t everyone say pretty much the same? Why miss out on tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of revenues because you want to go through the trial and error yourself?

If you are hearing your price is too high and you are cutting your price to get clients or are walking away questioning your own pricing, you need to change the course. Whatever the issue, working directly with Harry will get you where you want to be, sooner. Getting you earning more and taking the pressure off.


Think of this line: “Two or more people actively engaged in the pursuit of a definite purpose with a positive mental attitude, constitute an unbeatable force.” In the Mastermind group setting, we will discuss a sales topic each session and then help all in attendance to overcome their specific challenges.

Sales Boot Camps

Time to invest in yourself for a full day or longer of getting immersed in sales practices that will help you earn more sales quickly.

Topics that will be included are related to what you can do to grow your sales. It is not dependent on the economy. Your sales depend solely on you. This is the beauty of sales. We can master our own destiny and not rely on someone else.

After experiencing the crash in 2008-09, selling did not stop. It did for many who let the negativity overwhelm them. However, people still buy in down times. Yes, we may need to work harder to find them, but they are and will be ready for the people who show them interest and come from a place of service.

As much as Harry would like to “Guarantee” sales, it ultimately will depend on you to put what is learned into practice. However, if you do, you will grow your sales dramatically when you know how to sell effectively.


If you are looking for a speaker who brings the energy and practical insights to help your audience to grow in sales or in their mission, Harry brings it. He will talk to your team about the honorable profession of sales, how they can reach their full potential, and the joy of living a purposeful life. Your audiences will be moved to action by Harry and his impactful words.


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