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Overcome your sales challenges and achieve your goals with our expert guidance.

The Cost-Effective Solution is a financially savvy decision for businesses that don’t require full-time sales leadership. 

With a strong return on investment (ROI), a fractional sales manager can quickly demonstrate their value by enhancing your team’s performance and get the results you desire.

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"Making Selling a Joy" Sales Coaching

Settle in, folks. Let’s start with a scene we all know. A pushy salesperson trying to win you over? Ugh, no thank you! But let’s flip it around, shall we? What if sales was more like a visit to your favorite restaurant, where the server is friendly, attentive, and satisfying your needs. Feels better, right?

That’s how I want you to think about sales. Not as a hassle, but as an act of service. I may sound like a broken record, but believe me, selling can (and should) be a pleasurable experience that offers service to another person. Just as you love your dining experience, you too can learn to sell graciously, effectively, and respectfully.

So, let’s take a step back and maybe, just maybe, rethink the term ‘salesperson’. Sales isn’t about the hard sell, but how we serve. Cheat the rules of the game by asking, listening, understanding, and putting your prospect’s needs first, just like in our restaurant analogy. This changes the game for the better – for you and your clients.

My approach to sales coaching is just that – serving up an extra plate of success by keeping it simple, fun, and without tons of stress. With over a quarter century of experience in the trenches, I’ve filled the treasure chests with millions in revenue and transformed the way organizations sell. Having worked for a Fortune 500 firm and leading successful sales teams, trust me when I say, I know this walk.

But hey, you don’t have to be cutthroat to master the art of sales, and I’m living proof. I was told I was too nice, too… well, decent for it. I was that guy who stayed in the background not seeking the limelight, and yet, I went on to influence big sales. The secret – “Selling with Dignity”.

Together, we will focus on identifying your ideal clients, connecting with them, and offering solutions that genuinely resolve their problems. This is not rocket sc… you get the idea.

With my guidance, you’ll acquire top-notch listening skills, the gift of the conversation, a persistent and positive mindset, and a knack for follow-ups without breaking a sweat or getting in your own way. We’re one conversation away from you earning the super-salesperson title.

Let’s make selling more about service – an engagement where everyone wins! “Selling with Dignity” targets just that: enriching your business relations, growing your revenue, and making you the servant-minded, selling superstar everyone wants to do business with. Ready to serve up some success? Let’s do it!

Sales Boot Camps

Time to invest in yourself for a full day or longer of getting immersed in sales practices that will help you earn more sales quickly.

Topics that will be included are related to what you can do to grow your sales. It is not dependent on the economy. Your sales depend solely on you. This is the beauty of sales. We can master our own destiny and not rely on someone else.

After experiencing the crash in 2008-09, selling did not stop. It did for many who let the negativity overwhelm them. However, people still buy in down times. Yes, we may need to work harder to find them, but they are and will be ready for the people who show them interest and come from a place of service.

As much as Harry would like to “Guarantee” sales, it ultimately will depend on you to put what is learned into practice. However, if you do, you will grow your sales dramatically when you know how to sell effectively.

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Are you looking for a speaker who really gets the crowd going, while also providing real, valuable insight to ignite their sales or help inspire?

That’s Harry Spaight for you!

He’ll speak to your team about the awesome world of sales, how they can work towards their goals, and the pure happiness that
comes with living a life full of purpose.

Harry doesn’t just talk—he moves people to action with words that hit home and inspire. Are you ready for Harry to bring the energy that creates waves of excitement and a will leave the audience with actionable items with which to hit the ground running?

Harry is the perfect fit! Let’s book it!

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