Video Made Simple: A Busy Entrepreneur’s Guide to Quick and Compelling Content

In today’s fast-paced digital world, entrepreneurs often find themselves juggling countless tasks, with content creation looming large on that to-do list. Video content creation, in particular, has emerged as a non-negotiable facet of an effective online strategy, but the thought of filming can be daunting to say the least. For the busy entrepreneur, the question isn’t just how to create engaging video content but how to do it efficiently and authentically.

Paper with words of consistent, compelling video content

If you’re nodding along, picturing that unopened tripod or that camera shy alter-ego of yours, you’re in the right place. We’re about to dive into a guide designed for the entrepreneur who is short on time but eager for impact. So, let’s replace video creation dread with excitement and get ready to hit ‘record‘ with newfound confidence.

The Importance of Video Content

It’s no secret that video is king in the realm of digital marketing. With statistics showing that users spend 88% more time on a website with video, it’s clear that this medium is worth your attention. But it’s more than just numbers – video brings your brand to life, allowing for a richer narrative, personal connection, and stronger customer engagement. And when it comes to sales, those connections can make all the difference.

Confronting Camera Shyness

The camera lens can be intimidating, freezing even the most extroverted entrepreneur in the headlights of their own smartphone. 

The good news? 

Camera shyness isn’t a life sentence. Start small with short clips, practice speaking to the lens as if it’s a good friend, and remember – perfection is not the goal, connection is.

Quick Tips for Video Creation

You might think quality video requires hours of your day – not necessarily.

 Focus on the basics: 

  • good lighting (natural light is your friend)
  • clear audio (quiet rooms work wonders), and 
  • stable framing (tripods trump trembling hands). 


As for content? Authenticity trumps script – your audience wants to see the real you, your passion, your expertise, and yes, even those little imperfections.

Streamlining Content Production

The secret weapon of the prolific entrepreneur?


Dedicate a block of time to record multiple videos at once, then release them gradually. Create a content calendar to stay organized, and remember, your content can be repurposed. That live webinar can turn into a video series, that interview could become bite-sized FAQs. Efficiency is key.


Ready to turn your video-making dread into a lead-generating engine? Start by setting a goal to record just one video this week. Keep it short, keep it real, and just start. The more you do it, the easier it becomes – leaving you wondering why you ever avoided it in the first place.

This blog is done from the episode of Sales Made Easy with Stefan Zavalin, a visionary who turned the pain point of video creation into an accessible playground for entrepreneurs. With his unique style and emphasis on creative communication, Stefan empowers individuals to be themselves and eliminate the competition. For more innovative insights, connect with him on LinkedIn.