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Harry Spaight

Harry's expert advice based on the years of sales success.

Harry Spaight was a top salesperson and sales team leader for a Fortune 500 company. Before that, he spent more than a decade in mission work, including two years in the Dominican Republic. He figured out that putting others first, developing trust, and being a genuine listener, would transfer over into his sales work. “Serve first. the selling will follow” are words Harry  lives by.  

Now Harry helps others find their to service-based sales success. He teaches his tried and true method to business owners and sales teams, helping them take their sales to the next level.  



“Harry helped me to create a better process for sales and to focus more on understanding how I can serve my clients compared to closing the deal. Slowing the sales process down and understanding the goals of my client has helped me serve them better. Due to these changes and a few other ideas that Harry shared, my business is better and more profitable and this has allowed me to focus on serving the right people. I thank Harry Spaight for that and highly recommend him.”

Neil Haley
The Media Giant
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