Elizabeth Duncan-Hawker

In this episode, the Value of Collecting True Friends with Relationship expert, Elizabeth Duncan Hawke, the topics of body language, communication, good judgment, overcoming fear and being an effective communicator are discussed in this jam packed with value episode. Elizabeth shares a ton of insight that can help you to overcome the nervous jitters by the way we position ourselves. Standing straight up, shoulders out, open stance, breathing, this will help tell ourselves how confident we look and thus leads to acting more confidently.

Elizabeth Duncan-Hawker, MBA

International Best Seller Author / Award Winning Speaker/ Growth Consultant

Award Winning Speaker, Bestselling Author, Elizabeth Duncan-Hawker has trained thousands of professionals to increase sales, referrals, and collaborations by learning how to effectively engage with others.

Whether she’s speaking from a live or virtual stage, or consulting entrepreneurs, Universities, and organizations in workshops, her techniques enable leaders to hit higher goals.  Elizabeth’s results-driven experience was molded over two decades in executive strategic leadership for an $8b company.

In 2016, she founded the Red Hawk Strategic Solutions consulting company. Today, she provides custom trainings on advanced soft skills, body language, and the customer experience.  Her ultimate goal is to help employers retain top talent longer by creating a favorable work environment which in turn grows customer market share.

Her international bestseller guidebook Collecting True Friends, provides busy men and women the practical, yet forgotten, strategies to cultivate more quality relationships everywhere they land.

Elizabeth regularly guest speaks on podcasts and has been seen on news and media sources such as CBS and FOX.  She welcomes all media inquiries.

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