Keep Your Word It Matters

We were late for a meeting. We told the prospect I would be there at the top of the hour and we arrived 5 minutes late. We apologized and blamed the traffic. Is that a big deal? Some may say no but it does say something about us. If it happens a second or third […]

Listen Up and Master the Art of Listening to Grow Your Relationships and Your Sales

2 people having a conversation and listening

“When people talk, listen completely.” Ernest Hemingway How is your business? Are you looking to grow your sales? Do you believe if you grow your relationships, that will lead to sales? Great! Better relationships will lead to better sales. This is where listening comes in. It is listening, more than talking, that will develop the […]

Swing the Bat

Many years ago, I played Little League baseball in a small New England town where I grew up. Let’s just say I was a slow developer when it came to sports. I started playing “major” baseball at age 10 and back in those days, we had kids pitching. Since the league had 10-12 year olds […]