Beyond Paychecks: Why Community Involvement is Key to Building a Thriving Company Culture

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Imagine two companies in the same industry, offering similar products and services. One company has high employee turnover, while the other boasts a loyal, engaged workforce. What sets them apart? The answer lies in their company culture, and a key element that is often overlooked: community involvement. The Importance of Company Culture Company culture encompasses […]

3 Simple Acts of Kindness That Can Boost Your Business

A female on a phone with a smile on her face

How do you think an act of simple kindness can boost your business?  Imagine this: You’re a customer walking into a shop. But no one says hi or even smiles at you.  How would you feel?  Probably not great, right?  You might even leave and not buy anything.  This shows us how a small thing, […]

5 Sales Strategy to Transform Your Pitching to Problem-Solving

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Have you ever felt the dread of sitting through a sales pitch that seems to drag on forever, with the salesperson praising their product to the skies but barely scratching the surface of what you actually need? It’s not just you; it’s a widespread feeling. But imagine flipping the script from pitchy to peachy, where […]

7 Key Principles to Redefining Sales Success Through Service

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The world of sales is changing. It’s no longer enough to just sell a product or service. Today, it’s about serving your clients like never before. Inspired by a chat with Sam Liebowicz on the “Sales Made Easy” podcast, we see sales in a whole new light.  Let’s get you understand the 7 easy-to-understand principles […]

The Fine Line Between Serving and Selling with Liz Wendling

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In sales, there’s a delicate dance between serving your clients and making those crucial sales. It’s like walking a tightrope, where leaning too far to one side might mean losing sight of your ultimate goal. How do you provide genuine service while keeping your eye on the prize? Let’s dive into the art of balancing […]

I Am: The 3 Keys to Unlocking Your True Potential

Shore with letters of I AM on the sand

“I am” statements are like magic spells that can transform your mindset and unlock your true potential. They’re simple to say, but they have a powerful impact on how you think and act. Think about it this way: every time you say “I am,” you’re making a statement about who you are and what you […]

Video Made Simple: A Busy Entrepreneur’s Guide to Quick and Compelling Content

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In today’s fast-paced digital world, entrepreneurs often find themselves juggling countless tasks, with content creation looming large on that to-do list. Video content creation, in particular, has emerged as a non-negotiable facet of an effective online strategy, but the thought of filming can be daunting to say the least. For the busy entrepreneur, the question […]

5 Takeaways from Speaking at Cre8tive Con (and How to Pursue Your Creative Dreams)

A sign with text What Are You Waiting For?

I recently had the honor of speaking at Cre8tive Con, a conference for creatives and entrepreneurs looking to level up their skills and make meaningful connections. As a podcast host and business coach, I was excited to share my expertise and connect with other like-minded individuals. And I’m happy to report that the experience was […]

Relationship Selling: 5 Ultimate Growth Catalyst for Startups with Eric Martindale

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For any emerging startup, building a solid customer base is about much more than a savvy sales pitch; it’s the relationships fostered behind the scenes that often spell the difference between a flash in the pan and long-term success. According to a study by Gallup, fully engaged customers represent a 23% premium in terms of […]

4 Strategic Approach to Organic Market Research by Bridget Hom

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Understanding Organic Market Research At its core, organic market research involves a deep dive into your business ecosystem without the heavy expense of traditional market surveys. It’s about observing, engaging, and learning directly from the market and your competitors through platforms and interactions readily available to you. This method gives entrepreneurs the agility to adapt […]

How to Succeed in Sales Without Being “Salesy”

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As a speaker and sales expert, I’m often asked how small businesses can stand out and create memorable customer experiences. Recently, during a speaking engagement, I shared examples of companies that have mastered the art of wowing their customers. The lessons we can learn from the fishmongers of Seattle’s iconic Pike Place Fish Market can […]

Redefining Success: Incorporating Gratitude into Your Business Model for Long-term Gains

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In today’s competitive business environment, where success is often measured in revenue, market shares, and growth rates, the concept of gratitude might seem out of place, if not entirely overlooked. Yet, what if the key to sustainable success and an enriched work culture doesn’t lie solely in numbers and strategies but also in fostering an […]