Keep Your Word It Matters

People are listening and observing how we use your words. Therefore, it’s essential to choose your words carefully, maintain a positive outlook, use storytelling, listen actively, and be authentic.

Swing the Bat

Many years ago, I played Little League baseball in a small New England town where I grew up. Let’s just say I was a slow developer when it came to sports. I started playing “major” baseball at age 10 and back in those days, we had kids pitching. Since the league had 10-12 year olds […]

Simon Hares, A Sales Trainer Who Sells

Simon Hare, A Sales Trainer Who Sells joins me on the Sales Made Easy podcast to talk all about sales and selling. We cover quite a bit in this fast moving conversation. Authenticity, storytelling, utilizing video for relatability, being assertive versus being arrogant and more. Simon brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his […]

Selling with a Purpose-Janine Bolon

In this podcast, Selling With a Purpose, Janine Bolon joins the conversation. She is a woman on a mission and understands relationship selling and shares some insights about it and quite a few other topics including understanding your own purpose in selling and having a product you can be passionate about and even bringing up […]

Patrick Tinney 3X Sales Author Extraordinaire Talks Sales With Harry

Rainmaker, Author, Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Entrepreneur and Consultant. Patrick Tinney is the founder and Managing Partner of Centroid Training and Marketing and author of three sales books 1) “Unlocking Yes The Revised Edition”(Negotiation) 2) “Perpetual Hunger” (Sales Prospecting) and 3) “The Bonus Round” (Consultative Selling)”. Prior to Centroid, Patrick held various corporate sales and […]

Elizabeth Duncan-Hawker

In this episode, the Value of Collecting True Friends with Relationship expert, Elizabeth Duncan Hawke, the topics of body language, communication, good judgment, overcoming fear and being an effective communicator are discussed in this jam packed with value episode. Elizabeth shares a ton of insight that can help you to overcome the nervous jitters by […]