3 Simple Acts of Kindness That Can Boost Your Business

How do you think an act of simple kindness can boost your business? 

Imagine this: You’re a customer walking into a shop. But no one says hi or even smiles at you. 

How would you feel? 

Probably not great, right? 

You might even leave and not buy anything. 

This shows us how a small thing, like a friendly “hello”, can make a big difference in business.

A female on a phone with a smile on her face

James Kademan knows a lot about making customers happy. In one of my episode in Sales Made Easy podcast, he told us how answering phone calls right away and being nice can really help businesses. 

He started his company, Calls on Call, to help businesses never miss a call because every call is a chance to win a new customer.

Continue reading and learn the simple acts of kindness that can boost your business. 

The Magic of a Simple “Hello”

Saying “hello” to customers is super important. It makes them feel noticed and starts their visit on a positive note. Believe it or not, a friendly greeting is something people remember and makes them want to come back.

Easy Tips to Make Your Business Friendlier

  1. Always Answer the Phone: Try to pick up the phone quickly. If you can’t do it yourself, consider getting a service to help so no call is missed.
  2. Teach Your Team to Be Nice: It’s important everyone who works for you knows how to be polite and friendly to customers. A little bit of training can go a long way.
  3. Appreciate Every Customer Visit: Make sure your team knows that every time they talk to a customer, it’s a big deal. Sharing customer compliments can motivate everyone to keep up the good work.

The Good Stuff That Comes from Being Kind

When you’re nice to customers, it doesn’t just make them happy. It also makes your team happier and can lead to better reviews and more customers. Everyone likes to be where they feel welcomed.

Making your business better starts with something easy—like saying hello and being kind. These small changes can bring in more happy customers and make your business a place people love.


“A little bit of kindness goes a long way in making your business a success. It’s easy to start. So why not today?”

This blog post was inspired by an episode of Sales Made Easy where Harry Spaight talks to James Kademan, a guy who knows a lot about business and being nice to customers. James runs Calls on Call and shares great advice on making businesses better. You can learn more cool stuff from James by connecting with him on LinkedIn.